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29 oktober 2009

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botanical brouhaha zei

Oh, the language barrier!! I wish I knew what your posts say, but the photographs are easy to love in any language. LOVE your blog!!

DesignTies zei

These are beautiful pieces -- the colours are so soft and pretty.

I agree with your other commenter -- I can't understand your words, but at least I can enjoy your wonderful pictures :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Nostalchique zei

Wauw!! Wat een prachtige foto's!! Voor je webshop of gewoon?

Nostalchique zei

Oh sorry ik begrijp het al, het is van Atelier de Campagne, lekker dom :(

Greet zei

Die witte tafel! Zou ik zo willen hebben!

Prettig weekend!

DesignTies zei

Thank you for the suggestion to use Google translator. Now I can enjoy looking at the pictures AND I can read & understand your posts :-)